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ATTENTION all my beautiful fellow community members!!!!!!!!!!!! All eyes HERE! On Me! Ya, me!

Once again, this is your proud maintainer and humble narator, Nina! I appologize in advance to my fellow mods and maintainer for not contacting them earlier, but I do have an anouncement to make!

I am officially launching the first Splendor In Skin Contest!

That's right folks, the Fiends and Friends contest has offically begun! Here's the 411...
each one of you must pose for u'r cameras and mimic/dress up/pose as your favourite super hero/heroine/villian/villianess! The judges will me Myself and Heather. The most creative FAF idea will be the winner, so everyone... let your creative side shine and don't be afraid to go nuts!!!!! Be Original, be Fun, be Fab! Everyone can get involved, including mods. Heather and I will only be judging the contest, but stand by if we decide to take part, just for the fun of it. Don't worry, we won't be stealing anyone's glory, cuz judges can't win! lol!

The deadline to post your pics will be Monday, February 16th at 8pm. After that, the contest ends and stay tuned for the winner, who will recieve an honourary SIS Award for the FAF contest, and be listed on the WALL OF FAME in our community's info page!

Hope everyone gets involved and good luck to all!!!

PS> KEEP UP THE ADVERTISING FOLKS!!!!! All of you are Splendid!!!!!
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