Barbie Kelly. (cutewithouthe) wrote in splendorinskin,
Barbie Kelly.

i am splendid

+ Name: Tamarah
+ Age and Birthday: 13, July 21
+ What are your Hobbies and Interests?: friends, music, other fun stuff...
+ Talents: being me and uh? i'm good at piano...
+ Likes: music, polka dots, shows, playing in water fountains, magic mountain, the beach, the rain...
+ Dislikes: whore bags and rude fuck tards and people that waste thiings and um
+ Favourite music/bands/artists: the postal service, the faint, linkin park, blink 182, brand new, the cure, cursive, taking back sunday, yellowcard, the doors, etc etc
+ Tell us one interesting fact that you know that you do not think very many other people know: i am also a very mellow and depressed person... people always see me as being a happy go lucky always having fun type of girl.
+ If you had the chance to meet ANYONE, dead or alive, and get to spend 5 hours with them and get to ask them 5 questions, what would you do with them and what five questions would u ask them?: jim morrison. i can't think of 5 questions off the top of my head...
+ What do you want to accomplish in life?: lots of cool things.
+ Who is your roll model and why: i don't have one.
+ What is the last book you read: lord of the flies. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
+ What is the last CD you bought: .... brand new?
+ What is your favourite quote: "The way to love anything is to realize that it may be lost"
+ In your oppinion, what makes someone beautiful?: they're personality
+ Why do you think you're beautiful?: i am unique and different in ways people do not expect.
+ Tell a joke: why did snoop dogg need an umbrella?

thank you <3
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