jessikahboobfest (_star_dreamer_) wrote in splendorinskin,

+ Name: Jessikah
+ Age and Birthday: 14, march 9th 1989
+ What are your Hobbies and Interests?: I love to swim and I collect bracelts and pixie stix
+ Talents: I play the piano does that count?
+ Likes: blue pixie stix, long walks on short beaches and Greg.
+ Dislikes: guys who try to show off in front of me, when really ot me all that counts is personality. also I hate people who think they are "punk rawk" and say they like avril (no ofense if any of you are)
+ Favourite music/bands/artists: Oingo Boingo, the Beastie Boys, Britney Spears, Hot Hot Heat, Billy Idol,  Toy Box, Kelis, Lil Jon and many other types/ kinds of music.
+ Tell us one interesting fact that you know that you do not think very many other people know (IE: a duck's quack doesn't echo): That one of the band members from good charlotte has a son and only like 4 people know.
+ If you had the chance to meet ANYONE, dead or alive, and get to spend 5 hours with them and get to ask them 5 questions, what would you do with them and what five questions would u ask them?: I would want to meet my great uncle, he was a really cool guy from what I hear and was really famous. If I could ask him 5 questions they woule be: How does it feel to have a street named after you? How does it feel to have a ball room named after you? If you were living in the times today what would you say changed in our society, and the way people dress and act now? If you were alive now would you consider being my Uncle and having to live with me? and Umm... How old do you think you will live until? I would spend the whole day with him, exploring the new areas of the city and showing him around town. i would take him to rancho and introduce him to my friends. I think i would just mostly want to spend the whoel day bonding! I love bonding wiht my family and firneds!
+ What do you want to accomplish in life?:  I want to graduate high school and try and travel around the whole world, i would love to accomplish that!
+ Who is your roll modle and why: My mom, I know every one is thinking her mom why not some one famous? but I would choose my mom because she is a great person, i love her and she is really cool and I at least know she is real and not fake like many celebrities, she has a real personality not TV.
+ What is the last book you read: Go Ask Alice
+ What is the last CD you bought: Hot Hot Heat
+ What is your favourite quote: Being big might not be so bad! You get to stay up late! You get to watch R-Rated movies! You can eat as much candy as you want! And you can hit stuff with sticks!
+ In your oppinion, what makes someone beautiful?: Their personality helps a lot, i mean I met a guy that was ugly and then i got to know him and he became beautiful to me. So their personality and their hair! I love hair!
+ Why do you think you're beautiful?: I think my personality makes me beautiful, and maybe my hip bones!
+ Tell a joke: Umm.. lets see...ok... person one: hey thats my nacho not-cho-nocho! person two: that was cheesy! person one: get it cheesy!!!!

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