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DiDnT YoU KnOw?

+ Name: Lauren- but people usually call me Laurie or Doris
+ Age and Birthday: i am what seems to be a 17 year old mind trapped in a 14 year old body o.O. born on a cold cold night on January 30th 1990.
+ What are your Hobbies and Interests?: I collect random pins i find, i create/ reconstruct cloths, i do occasional shopping, i draw anything from portraits to cartoon, Composing music, and singing.
+ Talents: Drawing, Singing, and Sewing!
+ Likes: Cold nights, Kisses on my neck, Anime/Manga, Staying out till 5 am, Rainbows, Snow Flakes, Rainy Days, Starbucks Vanilla Frappichinos <3, Screw Drivers, and Nutella!
+ Dislikes: Warm nights and or days, Ignorant people, Going to bed at 12 pm, Sunny Days, The color white >.<, and Spiders!
+ Favourite music/bands/artists: Marilyn Manson, A Perfect Circle, A Circle Of Dead Children, Cradle Of Filth, Cold, System Of A Down, Korn and Red Hot Chili Peppers
+ Tell us one interesting fact that you know that you do not think very many other people know (IE: a duck's quack doesn't echo): every 33 seconds some one dies of hear disease.]
+ If you had the chance to meet ANYONE, dead or alive, and get to spend 5 hours with them and get to ask them 5 questions, what would you do with them and what five questions would u ask them?: I would most DEFENITLY have to say Edgar Allen Poe, the great poet! Id ask him What was it like in your time? How did you get through so much pain? What was it like to compose your work and share it with the public? If you were still alive, would you still be writing? How did you really die???
+ What do you want to accomplish in life?: I want to become a mother someday when im older, I want to become a Singer and a Tattoo artist, Finish school, and cure my fear for spiders >.<.
+ Who is your roll model and why: Edgar Allen Poe, hes just been through so much....with many family members dieing....and his work is oh so inspiring! Ive memorized The Raven and The Masque of the Red Death.
+ What is the last book you read: a collection of E.E. Cummings poems
+ What is the last CD you bought: The Thirteenth Step- by A Perfect Circle
+ What is your favorite quote: " What goes around comes around"
+ In your opinion, what makes someone beautiful?: Originality and some ones insides....outer beauty is only distinguished by the media and whats in and what isn't.
+ Why do you think you're beautiful?: i am my self, and there isn't any one else out there who is just like me.
+ Tell a joke: A man walks on to the elevator and smiles at the blond woman beside him. She smiles back saying T-G-I-F. The man hesitates for a second, then says S-H-I-T. The blond woman gets really confused then again repeats her self saying T-G-I-F. The man smiles once more and replies S-H-I-T. now the blond becomes very angry and yells T-G-I-F!! The man simply giggles and replies S-H-I-T. Finally the blond woman blurts out " T-G-I-F MEANS THANK GOODNESS ITS FRIDAY!! DUH!!!!". The man looks down shaking his head smiling then looks back at her bursting into laughter replying " S-H-I-T means SORRY HUNNY ITS THURSDAY!!" <333



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